Alchemy of the Elemental Self

Blueprint Uplevel

It is with Great Joy we invite you to join us
on our Solarum Life retreat and expansion
weekend at Mosswood Hollow, June 7-9, 2019.

Are you ready to Uplevel the Blueprint for your life
and step into the highest version of What’s Possible?

Soul Group Gathering

This upleveling gathering has been dreamed into being, and we are now called together.

When you join us on this powerful weekend you will be an honored, unique, and important, co-creative component to our community experience.

Because we will be keeping this small and personal, we have limited space and I believe we may reach capacity. Please secure your reservation as soon as possible.

Solarum has been speaking about Upleveling our Blueprints for many years. 
Now is our time to come together to bring this into our experience. 

And we say, THIS is the great fun: There are Always opportunities to Uplevel your Blueprints!
Yes. There are always opportunities to Uplevel your Blueprints.
And, there are always opportunities for MORE Blueprints. Yes.
You get the opportunity when you come forth into physical to experience many different ways,
but each time you are being guided towards more.
Each time you have an internal pull towards more love, towards more remembering, yes,
and you are interacting together to create this in a way that is quite magnificent.

What to Expect

This retreat will be filled with a multitude of opportunities for life expansion, including:

  • Workshops with unique journeys deeper into self awareness, and loving self empowerment, while embraced by soul community. Discover your personal recipe to refine and transform what may seem dull and leaden in your life, into pure shining treasure.
    This is the Alchemy of Upleveling our Blueprints.
  • A daily group Connection with Solarum where You choose the questions and topics of discussion. It is thrilling to have the opportunity to enjoy these connections while in physical community gatherings!
  • Interactive time with a variety of processes offered by Solarum through the years, to enhance our conscious and empowered life as vibrational beings. We will apply and play with these processes together, while gaining new insights from one another.
  • The divine gift of music by Kristin Sentman Clark. Her songs touch my soul, as it feels like I am carried away on musical soul journeys with a shamanic angel/fairy. I am honored that she will share her gift of song with us.
  • The upliftment of energy, and clarity that comes from being in sacred space with soul family – the benefit of this is monumental and enhances our personal journey and expansion. 
  • The high vibrational location of Mosswood Hollow – This space has a magical vibration that is palpable.When I first visited with Kristin, we could feel the energy increase as we approached. 
  • Nourishing and delicious community meals. The food is wonderful, and will be tailored to your special needs when you fill out your registration for Mosswood Hollow.
  • Inviting spaces for visiting with soul family, or finding a space for private moments – There are countless delightful spaces for you to choose what you prefer during free time.

Bringing it all together

Before I ever recognized Solarum or began serving as the conduit for their messages, I was a spiritual life coach. One of the aspects of coaching that I enjoyed most was the guided visualizations I offered that allowed my clients to tap into some of their own higher awareness.

Many of my clients had unexpectedly amazing experiences, feeling some magical gift of connection through my voice.
I was awed and surprised by it all as I could feel an inexplicable energy working through my voice, but now I recognize that this may have been tied into my connection with the flow of Solarum’s energy.

As this opportunity has come for us to gather in community with Solarum in this beautiful, high vibration location, I have begun receiving downloads related to an important focus for our time together:
Alchemy of the Elemental Self and aligning with a Blueprint Uplevel.
The possibilities are Thrilling!!

This will include explorations of Self, deeper awareness of our Elemental Self, and information that can be key to our Personal Alchemy.

Joy fills me at this opportunity to share Solarum AND to serve as guide and partner to those who are ready to claim a new level of personal awareness, while also bringing into our ‘real life’ some of the processes Solarum has shared to amplify our recognition of our vibrational nature.

Because I have experienced great leaps forward in my own life during times of sacred community, I appreciate the value of coming together to amplify our experience and personal growth.
Expect your divine true self to bring forth new blossoms.

This is a dream come true for me to gather in physical community with the amazing people who Solarum calls ‘Dear Ones.’

Join us:

Are you ready for More of the Good Stuff in your life?
Join us as we explore BLUEPRINT ALCHEMY in loving, soul group community.

Retreat held at Mosswood Hollow, nestled on forty acres in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.
This will be our magical home during our time together.
Duvall, Washington, USA (near Seattle)

Two-part registration:
1. Workshop fee and 2. Room and Meal Registration with Mosswood Hollow.


$400 Workshop Fee covers all BLUEPRINT ALCHEMY workshops, daily playgroup connections with SOLARUM, and our private use of community spaces.

Workshops will begin at 10 am, Friday, June 7 and end at 4 pm, Sunday, June 9.

Room & Meal registration

After paying your Workshop Fee, please register for your room and meals at Mosswood Hollow: HERE

*Prices for room options and meal plans are clearly indicated.
You will pay this portion directly to Mosswood Hollow during the retreat.

Questions & Planning

Please join us…
If you are comfortable with facebook, we now have a closed group there to discuss this retreat and answer any questions you may have.

(With a closed group, your comments and questions will be private within the group only and it won’t show up in your friends’ newsfeeds.)


You may also contact Udana through our Contact Page.

BLISSings & Love,