Solarum Life Online Community

July - December 2019

It is with Great Joy we invite you to join us in our online
Solarum Life Community, with monthly Playgroups on Zoom,
and MORE

What will you create in the second half of 2019 with the
Loving and Playful support of Solarum and friends?

Soul Family Connection

We are heading into the second half of the year,
our retreat was a success, and I am excited to make it easy to play with Solarum, while growing our community.

It’s always my favorite way to BE – in loving, growing community with Solarum.

I am ready to schedule monthly online playgroups, maybe share more of the tune-ins too, and my personal project will find me diving into many of the transcripts and recordings from the previous 9+ years, so I would love a group of interested dear ones to share and grow with.

Every time I read a transcript, or listen back to a recording, I feel inspired to share and to connect with others who enjoy Solarum’s messages. It is a delight for me to have community with those of you who enjoy this personal depth of interaction as I rediscover intriguing and delightful bits.

What might we create?


What might we create – personally and individually – when we come together in this way?

I will set up a private group on Facebook, and also create a group email address so that all Playgroup gathering details, and recording download details will be shared that way, too. This offers a sense of freedom from social media for those who may like to take breaks from Facebook.
*And, who knows, I may get community space set up on Solarum.Life, too!

 This will be 6 months (July through December, 2019) – at least 6 playgroups (including the recordings), and all of the More I may feel inspired to share. Even if you aren’t able to attend all of the playgroups, you will receive all of the recordings and be a part of the community creating these divine interactions.

It is my intention to create a schedule that will work best for our worldwide group.
We traditionally find that – from my Pacific time zone (Seattle) – mid-day during the week, or mornings on a Saturday, work for the largest number of our friends.

Register now:

$60 for 6 months
If you would like to join me in community on this joyful path, you can register for only $60.
This is just $10 a month for the playgroup, recording, and intimate access to all that is unfolding.
I like to make this easy for you and me.

Monthly Subscription offer is no longer available, but new members are still able to join the ongoing community after July at the above link.

OR, individuals may purchase to attend one of our monthly playgroups for $30.
Contact Udana.

Bonus Opportunity

Personal Connections with Solarum
Because I love our supportive community, I am happy to offer personal connections with Solarum for members of this community, as is comfortable in my schedule, at the rate of $100 – a savings of at least $50.
Currently $150 for non-members – or $200 for first time connections.

**This offer will be available throughout the 6 months for those who pay upfront, and after the first 4 months for those who subscribe and pay monthly.


Questions & Planning

Please join us…
We maintain a private group on Facebook for our community, and from there invitations are shared, and Udana is present to answer questions.

You may also contact Udana through our Contact Page.

BLISSings & Love,