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2020 - Year of Focus

It is with Great Joy we invite you to join us in our online Solarum Life Community with: monthly Playgroups on Zoom, private Facebook group (the loving bonds of soul family growing together), group email notificationsand MORE

What will you create in 2020 with the Loving and Playful support of Solarum and friends?

 Soul Family Connection

It is with joyful anticipation that we step forward into 2020 – a ‘Year of the Highest Possibility.” We have experienced the power of our soul family connection to uplift, inspire, and hold sacred space for one another.
Solarum’s message to us was this:

We see 2020 as being a year of the Highest Possibility.
We will proclaim it for you as the Year of Focus.
You may find in your physical beliefs that the term 2020 refers to good vision, and so we are proclaiming it as the Year of Focus.
Focus on the JOY, focus on what is GOING RIGHT, focus on what FEELS GOOD, and you will find yourself moving very quickly in that direction.

And we remind you that when you notice the bumps, it can be a “WEEEEE!” experience rather than a fearful experience –
AND it helps to have ONE ANOTHER to remind you of that!
Nothing is going wrong when you find yourself caught up in the fear for a little bit.
Nothing is going wrong, when you have ONE ANOTHER to remind you of the joy, of the love.

They are calling us together, into community, and we are finding ways to answer this call.
We had our first Solarum Life retreat in 2019 and it was a wonderful, joyful succes. For 2020, we have 2 retreat possibilities. We created 6 months of this flourishing online community through the second half of 2019, and it feels best to stay in this forward moving flow.

I am excited to continue to make it easy to play, grow, and love with Solarum.
It’s always my favorite way to BE – in loving, growing community with Solarum.

For those of you who are new to Solarum, or new to being a part of our interactive community with the Playgroups, I am delighted to have you join us! Each one seems to form their own unique relationship with them, adding to our group expansion and growth by opening the door to new interests and possibilities. And, oh, what joy to see each one begin to blossom into their individual magnificence!
How will you bloom?

Within our group we will schedule our monthly online playgroups, hosting at least one a month on zoom.
These Playgroups are your opportunity to interact directly with Solarum, bringing forth your questions and discussion points. There is a tremendous power of love here.

I, Udana, will also share from my personal connections with Solarum, as I feel a sense of loving comfort to open up my personal experience for your growth too. And, my personal projects at this time find me diving into the many transcripts and recordings from the previous 10 years, so I enjoy sharing some of my discoveries from there too.
Plus, I have now set upon exploring more with Little Aaron, too, and this group will be the first to experience this magical unfolding.
This Community is Soul Family Connection, sharing and growing together.

What might we create?


What might we create – personally and individually – when we come together in this way?

A fresh private group on Facebook will be created for us, and also a group email address so that all Playgroup gathering details, and recording download details will be shared that way, too.
This offers a sense of freedom from social media for those who may like to take breaks from Facebook.

*And, some day we may create community space right here on Solarum.Life!

This community will be ongoing throughout 2020 with at least 1 live playgroup each month (including the audio/video recordings), and all of the More I may feel inspired to share.
Even if you aren’t able to attend all of the playgroups, you will receive all of the recordings and be a part of the community creating these divine interactions.

It is my intention to create a schedule that will work best for our worldwide group.
We traditionally find that – from my Pacific time zone (Seattle) – mornings on a Saturday, work for the largest number of our friends, but we sometimes include opportunities mid-day during the week.
We are flexible based on community needs and desires.

Register now:

$77 for the rest of the year

If you would like to join us in community on this joyful path, you can register for as little as $77 for the rest of the year!
**Our community is going strong, but you are welcome to join us.
2020 has provided many of us with new challenges and perspectives.
Solarum’s loving messages and reminders are especially beneficial at this time,
and our established community is uplifting and insightful.

Plus – members receive discounted rates for Private Connections
(see Bonus Opportunity)

There are often surprise opportunities created (extra playgroups, community chats, or process play), and frequent deeper dives on topics of interest.

Join us and see what blossoms in your life and our community!

If you choose to become a member of this community for the rest of the year, and you schedule 2 private connections during this time, your savings will be more than the cost of your membership!

Do you have questions regarding the group or payment?
Please feel free to: 
Contact Udana.

Bonus Opportunity

 Savings and Access to Personal Connections with Solarum
Because I love our supportive community, I am happy to offer personal connections with Solarum for active members of this community, as is comfortable in my schedule, at a discounted rate – a savings of $50 for each full connection.
Currently $150 for non-members – or $200 for first time connections.

Member price: $100 or
$150 for first connection

**A Private Spirit Coaching package may be made available for members.

** Private Connections are currently shut down to non-members as my focus is on our community and my personal projects. Members always have greater access.

Will you allow 2020 to be a year of allowing more love and more joy than ever before?

Questions & Planning

Please join us…
We also maintain a free private group on Facebook for sharing Solarum with our extended community, and Udana is present to answer questions.
Come get to know us in our Treehouse Group.

AND, please sign up for our Email list. You can stay up to date on our newest offerings, plus you receive a free download of a Solarum One Source meditation when you sign up: Solarum Email List

You may also contact Udana through our Contact Page.

BLISSings & Love,