One Who Is Plural

A thought for today from Solarum:

We invite you to look for evidence, look for reasons to love yourself.
Write it down. Look in the mirror.
Allow yourself to look into your own eyes, look into your soul and feel the love.
And everything will begin to shift. Quickly.

— Solarum

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Solarum, One Who Is Plural, flows forth with pure love, introducing us more fully to our Creative Power as Vibrational Beings, calling forth Playfulness, and Self-Love.

Udana, serving as their conduit, is often referred to as their “little one.”

When we, as spiritual beings, incarnate as humans on this planet called Earth – THAT is when the forgetting begins.

Udana’s gift as a catalyst and conduit for spirit allows her to assist others as they blossom into the remembering of who they truly be.

She joyfully serves as the verbal and vibrational conduit for Solarum, the non-physical energy of One Who Is Plural.

Solarum comes forth with powerful, and oftentimes very personal, messages of Love and Remembering.
They introduce us more fully to our Creative Power as Conscious Vibrational Beings, and invite us to step into this knowing.

Although Udana was surprised when this connection showed up in her life in 2009, she has grown through a great deal of hesitancy and reluctance (“Who am I to serve in this way?”) – even spending most of 2012 literally in the closet when she would connect.

Today, Udana blissfully and lovingly serves with Solarum, joyfully welcoming new opportunities to share their empowering messages, and connect with those who feel drawn into resonance with Solarum.

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